Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Monday, May 27, 2013

Hope & Gloria Sewing Saturdays - Sewing Workshops For Adults and Teenagers

Since starting Hope & Gloria I have been asked many times whether I would be running any sewing workshops for adults. It seems that many adults and teenagers have caught the sewing bug of late and once again there have been a number of requests for sewing classes for adults particularly those that involve the use of a sewing machine. So here we go - I am really excited to be running two workshops over the next few weeks and plan to add more to the schedule.

Make A Simple Tote Bag - Saturday 22nd June

Make A Patchwork Cushion Cover - Saturday 13th July

Deciding on projects has been a challenge - there are just so many fabulous things that can be made with beautiful fabric and a trusty sewing machine. However, as the workshops will initially be aimed at beginners or people looking to re-acquaint themselves with a sewing machine we will be making a simple tote bag on  22nd June (find out more and book here) and Patchwork Cushion Covers on 13th July (find out more and book here). I am very excited. Both of these projects look lovely and are a great place to start a sewing odyssey.

Although the workshops have beginners in mind, improvers and accomplished crafters will be more than welcome and may appreciate the time to sit and create. It is often hard to find time to actually sit down and make something - classes and workshops can be a great way to make sure that a project gets finished. For more information simply click on the links above or take a look at our website by clicking here

Friday, May 10, 2013

The London Moonwalk

This week I was presented with a project that is completely out of the ordinary for me - bra decoration. I have to say it was a challenge I completely enjoyed and it was fun to temporarily take my leave from my normal design projects (usually involving felt), for Hope & Gloria Sewing Clubs. What is more, it was for a hugely worthy cause making it all the more enjoyable.

Tomorrow night a a very fabulous friend of mine will be doing the London Moonwalk along with two of her fabulous friends. This annual event involves thousands of women from across the UK walking the equivalent of a marathon distance through the streets of London throughout the night with their bras proudly on display. The reason is to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Last year the event raised over £8m!

I have never taken part but decorating the three bras has made me feel that I really should get my act together next year and join these amazing women in their show of sisterhood to raise awareness for this great cause. For now, I wish every woman who is taking part the very best of luck and to anyone who knows someone who is doing the London Moonwalk tomorrow night please show your support for this fab event.