Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Super Simple Decorative Stitches

So now that you've mastered the basics, how about moving on to some new stitches which will allow your creativity to shine?

Here's our guide to simple stitches that look fabulous and can be used to add an individual touch to any sewing project with just a needle and some colourful thread.

1. Running Wave Stitch

To begin with all you need is a row of running stitch.

Now take a contrasting coloured thread and slide your needle under the first stitch and then the following stitch weaving up and down to form a wave shape. This will be held in place by your running stitches.

Repeat to form rows until you have the effect you are looking for.

Top tip: Try not to pull your "wave" thread too tightly through the running stitch as the wave effect will be flattened out

2. Running Zig Zag Stitch

For this lovely stitch you need two parallel rows of running stitch. The stitches in the second row should be directly below the gaps between the stitches in the top row or diagonal to the first row stitches.

Using a contrasting colour weave your thread under the stitches up and down between each stitch.
This will form a colourful zig zag.

3. Lazy Daisy Stitch

Here's a cute little stitch that once mastered can be used for all sorts or colourful decorative effects.

. Bring your needle from the back to the front of the fabric with the knot at the back. Insert the needle in to the fabric and back out again as though making a stitch approx. 1cm long.

Wrap your thread around and under the front of the needle in a loop.

. Pull the needle through to make a loop with the thread and secure this loop by pushing the needle through to the back of the fabric at the end of the loop you have made. You have made your first petal!

Repeat steps 1 to 3 to make more petals for your flower.

Five or six petals look about right.

Add some long stitches to fill in the space inside your petals.

Add a couple of small stitches with a contrasting colour in the centre.
Using green thread sew a stem using backstitch.
Use the same technique as the petals to make one or two green leaves.

There you have it - the perfect little embroidered flower decoration!

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