Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Gulliver Ipad Case

So, we are lucky enough to be having an "Indian Summer" here in the UK. It must be about 23 degrees outside at the moment and I really need to turn my thoughts to designing the Christmas Hope & Gloria Sewing projects. However, the clement weather is making this next to impossible this afternoon.

I can't help but turn my thoughts back to the fabulous summer holiday we had in Cornwall this year. To me there is nowhere lovelier than the dramatic Cornish coast and we were lucky enough to spend a week there this summer. It was an action packed week as there is so much to see and do in this fabulous county - watching international surfing contests on the north coast, jumping in the waves and off harbour walls in to the sea on the Lizard peninsula, as well as a delicious Cornish Pastie and an ice cream or two(!). As a family we all left wanting more and can't wait to return at the next available opportunity.

Of course Cornwall also has plenty of these little fellas - the British Seagull.

This particular one was stalking our picnic which we ate in Boscastle Harbour. The boys were a little bit intimidated by it's audacity and the size of its beak. They can still remember a seagull diving down to steal a pastie from my hand in St Ives just a few years ago and thought we were going to have a repeat of the episode. I am happy to report that we didn't and seagulls became the inspiration for my final Summer inspired project before moving on to Halloween and Christmas.

The case began life as a lambswool sweater. I machine felted it and cut it to size. You can see that the flap was once the ribbing from the bottom of the jumper. While I was in Cornwall I began to form a seagull applique design and was searching for an idea of what to put it on. The greys of the gull blend really well with the grey tone of the blue wool and the yellow beak and legs are a good contrast and so the idea of the ipad cover was formed.

It is lined with a linen mix spotty fabric and fastens with a stud fastener. The rustic wooden button on the front cover echoes driftwood.

It was the Virginia Water Village Show this weekend and my ipad case seemed like an ideal entry for the "Something New From Something Old" category. I am delighted to report that it won first prize!

Now about Christmas.......