Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Saturday, May 2, 2015

"Pearfect" Pincushion

Fruit or to be precise fruit motifs have taken been centre stage at our sewing clubs this half term. We are making fun and fabulous applique cushions in a range of bold and bright fruit motifs.

I am a big fan of the pear design. What I love about pears is that you can recognise the shape instantly and they just somehow look rather fun and cheerful.

Continuing the fruit theme, I thought I'd share how to make these rather cute pincushions. This one is made in green felt but you could also have lots of fun with them making multicoloured or patterned pincushions (like the one in the background). They are a great way to use up scraps of fabric or felt.

Here's how to make them....

You will need: small pieces of green felt, scraps of dark green and brown felt, soft toy filling, thread.

Step one:

Cut four slim pear shapes from the green felt. Mine are approximately 10cm in height and 6cm in width at the widest point.

Step two:

Pin two of the pear shapes together and sew along the outside edge of one half. Repeat with the other two pear shapes.

Step three:

Open out the two pear halves you have made.

Step four:

Place the two halves on top of each other lining up the outside edges. Pin and sew around the outside edges leaving a gap at the top for stuffing.

Step five:

Fill your pear with soft toy filling padding out all edges.

Step six:

Cut a rectangle shape from your brown felt approx 4cm x 2.5cm, and cut two leaves from the dark green felt.

Step seven:

Roll the brown felt rectangle to form a tube and secure with a few over stitches. This will form the stem.

Step eight:

Sew the stem and leaves in place at the top of your pear, and you have a "pearfect" pin cushion. Cute and practical - what's not to love?

Happy sewing!