Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Getting Started With Your Sewing Adventure- A Basic Kit

One of the questions I am often asked by parents and children who are new sewing enthusiasts is what do I need in my sewing kit? Sewing doesn't have to be an expensive hobby - there are just a few essentials that you will need for a sewing starter kit ensuring that the simplest projects can be completed with the greatest of success.

What you will need:
A good pair of scissors – make sure that these are the right size for you. If they are too big then they are difficult to control and cutting fabric can be tricky, too small and it can be difficult to get a smooth edge.
A set of needles – Chenille needles work well for beginners. They have a larger “eye” and a sharp point meaning they are easier to thread but will still move easily through fabric.
Pins – A set of pins in a pin wheel work brilliantly for keeping everything safely in one place.
A Needle Threader – threading a needle can be frustrating for children, this simple piece of equipment should help to speed things up.
A Tape Measure – always useful for make sure everything is cut to size or pinned in the right place.

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Which Thread Should I Use?
In Hope & Gloria Workshops and Clubs we nearly always use cotton perle thread for our projects. Because it is thicker than normal cotton is it easier to handle, and is strong enough to hold things in place so there is no need to double up the cotton. It also adds a great decorative effect to sewing projects.
As children get older and threading a needle becomes easier then traditional cotton thread can be used with smaller needles – a needle threader will still be useful.

What About Fabrics?
As far as we are concerned, felt is fabulous. For beginners it is perfect – lovely bright colours, easy to handle and thread a needle through.
For complete beginners we recommend practising with “Binca”. Children love it, it is a great way to get used to basic stitching and helps children to learn how to make their stitches small and neat as well as having a go at new stitches such as back stitch and cross stitch.
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