Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fab Fabric Flower Tutorial

This year I didn't make any new year's resolutions. This is unusual for me - it is fairly traditional for me to have a conversation with my friends during the first week in January about how I intend to take up running, cut down on sugary food and become more organised during the coming year. Needless to say none of these things ever happen! As the clock struck midnight on 31st December 2012 I decided not to bother as I came to the realisation that I am totally rubbish at keeping New Year's Resolutions.

However, one thing I would love to become better at during 2013 is being less wasteful. This applies both in work and in the home. So for now I have decided to try really hard to not buy fabric if I don't need it and to use up supplies that are currently sitting around in boxes in my workroom. This is not strictly a resolution because I do like to have a get out clause if I feel the need to buy something I can't resist, so I am calling it more of a guideline!

With this in mind here's a great idea for using up spare scraps of fabric that you have lying around...

You will need:

Circles of fabric (for a flower measuring approx 4cm across cut circles with a diameter of 8cm), buttons and cotton thread.

Step one:

Using small running stitch sew around the outside of the fabric circle approx 1/2cm from the edge. Stop when you have sewn all around but do not finish with a knot.

Step two:

Pull the thread so that the edges of the circle gather and meet in the middle.

Step three:

Flatten into a rosette shape and you can secure with a couple of small stitches.

Step four:

Sew a brightly coloured button into the middle to hide the gathered fabric and your rosette is complete.

These rosettes are so easy to make and can be used to brighten and embellish all sorts of projects. You can also add a brooch pin to the back and use them wherever you need a splash of colour.

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  1. These are cute,i got loads of fabric and buttons.Got to make!!