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Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Friday, March 29, 2013

OK Easter Bunny - Bring It On!

The past week has been truly hectic for a number of reasons. The end of term for Hope & Gloria Sewing Clubs meant overseeing adding the final touches to approximately 200 children's Easter projects to be taken home just in time for the Easter Hols, getting ready for our fabulous Easter Sewing Workshops and also making sure the boys are equipped for the end of term festivities at school - Egg Hunts, raffles and cake sales to name but a few. However, in amongst the chaos of the week has been the thought of the fantastic long weekend ahead when we get to relax, enjoy and spend time with family.

It has finally arrived, but just before it did there was just enough time yesterday to add a a few Easter decorations around the home before the school holidays began.

This Easter garland will greet visitors to our front door over the Easter weekend. The base is made from a willow wreath - one of a few that I bought eighteen months ago with this kind of project in mind. I am delighted to have finally found the time to make it and I am delighted with the results.

I chose bright Spring colours in polka dot and heart patterns for the eggs and a cute yellow ditsy print for the funky chickens.

Both eggs and chickens are very simple to make. The eggs are made by cutting two egg shapes from fabric using pinking shears and adding a simple decoration to the front. I used buttons, bows and felt heart shapes. A small piece of batting was placed in between the two egg shapes and I used a machine to sew around the outside but this could easily be done by hand.

The same technique was used for the chickens but with the addition of a felt beak and head feather placed between the fabric when sewing around the outside.

The shapes are attached by thread stitched through the back of the decoration to remain invisible. I then added brightly coloured large buttons and a gorgeous green spotty ribbon for hanging to match the green polka dot eggs.

In total the project is approximately two hours work.

Here is another Easter idea which takes no time at all to make and looks fun and fab. I found these gorgeous decorations in a half price sale earlier this week at our local garden centre. The twigs, I have to confess, were also bought in the garden centre's flower section as I was feeling too lazy to venture out into our freezing cold garden to find some of my own, but I am sure something similar can be found for this purpose in most gardens.

The twigs were placed in a vase to hopefully keep them looking fresh until Easter Monday and I also added some of my favourite green ribbon to brighten the vase. I then hung my bargain decorations from the twigs and my simple but very cute "Easter Tree" was complete.

So now all that remains is to sit back relax and wait for the arrival of that gorgeous, chocolate delivering Easter Bunny - Happy Easter!

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