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Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Festive Felt Hearts & Stars - A Christmas Decoration Tutorial

For the past half term at our sewing clubs we have been making Christmas decorations. When it comes to the festive season there are three colours that shout out "Christmas!) - yes that's right, red, green and white and we have used them in abundance in our sewing clubs.

As you can imagine we have quite a few scraps left over and this adorable project is an ideal way to make use of them. It is an easy and simple and will look great on a tree, draped across a window or doorway and also looks good along the edge of a shelf. As with last year I am still in love with the whole Nordic theme when it comes to Christmas decorations and these fab hearts and stars will look great with many of the decorations I have scattered around the house from last year.

Here's how to make them...

All you need are two felt heart or star shapes, some contrasting thread, a small amount of stuffing and brightly coloured ribbon. I cut the shapes out using pinking shears to give a zig zag edge. They are approximately 8cm in width and depth.

Step one

Use the contrasting thread to decorate using star stitches.

Step two

Pin the two felt hearts together and sew around the edge of the heart using running stitch. Leave a gap of aprrox. 3cm on one side.

Step three

Add a small amount of stuffing - just enough to give the heart some depth and sew up the remaining hole.

Step four

Now your first little Nordic-style heart is complete. They also look great as individual decorations to hang on the tree. If you decide to do this simply thread a loop through the top and it's ready to hang.

If you plan to make a bunting style decoration like mine you will need nine decorations to fill a 2m length of ribbon. I used 5 hearts and 4 stars.

The stars are made in exactly the same way. I chose to add an embroidered heart to two of mine with a red star stitch on the other two.

Again these pretty stars can be used as individual decorations or sewn on to ribbon in a bunting style just pin in place and secure with a couple of stitches at the back.

Sew the rest of your hearts and stars in to place and all you need to do now is decide where to hang your gorgeous Festive Felt Decoration - Happy Christmas!

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