Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Put A Little Love In Your Heart - A Valentine's Tutorial

We are feeling pretty waterlogged here in the UK at the moment. It seems as though it has done nothing but rain here since the start of the year. Everyone is talking about the weather - even more so than usual.

So I figure that what is needed is a colourful and happy sewing project to lift spirits. Valentine's day is just a few days away. It's the perfect time to show a loved one that you care and what better way than with a gift that really is made with love.

This project combines cross-stitch (a pastime that I love but never seem to have enough time to indulge in), reverse applique and simple sewing and takes no time at all. 

Stage one of your project is to decide on the message in the centre of your heart. Because of the time of the year I chose to use "love" as a nod to St Valentine, but it's also a lovely idea to stitch a loved ones' name. The word "home" is also very popular when it comes to interior decor at the moment.

I used 12 count aida to sew the word love. This means there are 12 crosses to an inch and they are very small. If you are new to cross stitch you can also use a larger cross stitch base fabric such as 8 count or 6 count aida which is also known as binca. Cross stitch fabric can be found in most hobby or haberdashery shops.

Stage 2 requires a heart template - here's how to make one:

First - decide on the size of your heart. For this project mine is approx 10cm x 10cm. Cut  square of paper to this size.

Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart shape that fills all of one half.

Cut along the line and open out - your heart template is now ready to use.

Using your newly made template cut out two felt heart shapes. I usually pin two squares of felt on top of each other and cut them out together - this means that your two heart shapes will be exactly the same size/shape and easier to sew neatly together.

Cut out a heart shape from the centre of one of them. To do this you can make a smaller template using the same technique as before but this time cut your heart from a piece of paper measuring 5cm x 5cm.

Stage 3 - Time to sew.

Pin your cross stitch design in place behind the cut out heart. Using small running stitch sew it into place.

Now the pin the other heart shape in place behind it and sew around the outside using small blanket stitch leaving a gap to add the stuffing.

Add a small amount of stuffing and sew up the remaining hole.

Stage 4 - Finishing Touches

Add a ribbon loop for hanging and a button as a finishing touch. Your cross stitch heart is now ready for giving or decorating just in time for Valentine's Day. Put a little love in your heart. 

Happy Valentine's Day.xx

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