Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

An Apron For For A World Record Attempt

Friday was a very special day for my youngest son. All of the children in his year at school got a once in a lifetime chance to be part of a world record breaking team - Jamie Oliver's world record breaking team.

The school had chosen to join in with Jamie's attempt at the world's largest cookery lesson. "Rainbow Wraps" formed the recipe and at 14.00pm BST on Friday a live cookery lesson was beamed into schools across the globe. The children at my son's school were lucky enough to be a part of this brilliant lesson and they all had a fabulous time making their colourful culinary delights.

The school provided the ingredients, all we had to do was provide a box grater and an apron/old shirt for the day. With my children it's all about the equipment/outfit. Last week was ridiculously busy as we approach the end of half term with our sewing clubs and look ahead to the new ones and in my mind my little fella would have been fine to wear one of his Dad's old shirts.

I realised how wrong I was to make this assumption on Wednesday evening when he asked me "Have you made my apron yet?". "Er, no" came my reply "but you could just wear one of Dad's shirts couldn't you?" Apparently not and he was adamant that he wanted to look the part when he was receiving instructions from a world class chef like Jamie Oliver.

To be honest I gave it no more thought until Thursday afternoon when I had a major panic attack. Luckily I had some Cath Kidston deckchair stripe type fabric in the bottom of a box of fabric that had been lacking a purpose for at least a couple of years. Thanking my lucky stars that I had not thrown it out as the other flowery options wouldn't have been appreciated I set to work.

My eldest boy was at home on Thursday afternoon nursing a foot injury which was ideal as I needed a model to measure the fabric against and he came in very handy being only slightly taller than his brother.

Once the fabric was cut out, I edged it, sewed a pocket to the front and added some curtain tape around the neck and for the ties at the side. This is how it turned out....

It was surprisingly easy to make and I was delighted with the results. It has a touch of the Italian Flag about it but this was quite unintentional as this happened to be the only suitable fabric I could lay my hands on at short notice. The main thing is that my little man loved it and really felt the part when joining in with Jamie.

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