Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Doodling With Thread - Embroidered Easter Eggs

This half term has been all about using thread to make designs at our sewing clubs.

Our sewing club members have been using stitches to create adorable faces on their bunnies and chicks and we have also been using decorative stitches to add a design to the egg "sleeping bags" that were made for the chicks.

Using thread to embroider a design can be very therapeutic. Today I got carried away with a box of brightly coloured thread and some felt Easter Egg shapes. You can see the result in the picture above. It's also an inexpensive was to add an individual touch to handmade decorations. These are going to have a loop threaded through the top to hang over door handles as decorations this Easter.

Once I got going the designs just grew by themselves and I would highly recommend just sitting down and "doodling" with thread. I was really pleased with the results particularly as I only used very straightforward stitches to get the effects I was looking for. With this in mind I have added a new page to the blog "Super Simple Decorative Stitches" and you can find it in the menu on the right hand side of the home page or by clicking here .

The paisley design is something that I have been meaning to use as a motif on something for ages - so why not an Easter decoration? Paisley doesn't have to be confined to the late 80s as a pattern and I read recently that it's due to make a fashion comeback.

It's a pattern that's been used in art and design since 200AD and originates in Persia where it was known as Boteh Jejheh. It was brought to Europe by the East India company in the 1700s and became know as "Paisley" as the design was used in cloth manufacture in this Scottish town.

Examples of Paisley Pattern

Here's another one I've started. Why not give doodling with thread a go - you never know where it will take you.

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