Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Fun Father's Day Makes

It's fair to say that we've not had the best weather in the UK this half term but it is great weather for sewing and being creative indoors.

The young sewing enthusiasts that come to my clubs will have heard me talk on numerous occasions about how lovely it is to give gifts that are handmade and we have the perfect occasion for this in just over two weeks time on Sunday 19th June - Father's Day.

I thought I'd share some quick and fun sewing ideas to make Dad smile and keep young ones occupied whilst waiting for Summer to arrive.

 Why not show Dad that he's number one with this fun and colourful rosette. It's easy to make using scraps of bright felt, here's how...

Step one: Cut two medium sized circles (approx. 5cm in diameter),  from one colour of felt and another that is slightly larger (Approx 8cm in diameter), from a contrasting colour.

Step two: place one of the medium felt circles on top of the larger one and draw around it. Cut a fringe all the way around from the outside edge to the edge of the circle that you have drawn.

Step three: I cut a number one from some scraps of felt and stitched it to the front of one of my medium circles but you could also embroider number one or a personal message. Sew a safety pins securely to the centre of the other felt circle.

Step four: Cut two strips of felt approx' 2cm x 15cm and cut a "V" shape in to the bottom. I stitched some patterned ribbon along the centre of mine as I like to add pattern but they can also be left plain.

Step five: Now it's time to pin all of the pieces together. The blue circle should be placed on top of the larger fringed circle in the centre. The two ribbon pieces should be placed behind and pinned like this:

Then place the circle with the safety pin on top of this with the safety pin facing outwards.

Make sure you pin all of the layers securely in place.

Step six: Sew all of the layers together with small neat running stitch around the outside of the blue circle making sure you go through all of the layers.

Now your rosette is complete and can be worn proudly by Dad on Father's Day!

Or how about making a keyring so that Dad's keys are always easy to find? I have used a star shape and also a smiley face in my designs but you could use any shape, colour or design of your own as the keyrings are all made using the same simple technique:

Cut two shapes from felt and add a design to the front of one of them. Cut a 10cm length of ribbon and fold it in half threading on a split metal ring.

Pin the two felt shapes together with the folded ribbon pinned in place inbetween the two shapes. Stitch around the outside making sure you sew through all of the layers when you get to the ribbon (it's also a good idea to go over your stitches a couple of times at this point to make sure the ribbon is held firmly in place).

Happy Father's Day Making!

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