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Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Easter Adventures in Embroidery

I am a huge fan of embroidery. In terms of a relaxing mindful activity, it has to be one of the best as far as I am concerned. Creating a picture, pattern or design using just a needle and brightly coloured thread is hugely satisfying and it is always fun to see where your needle and thread will take you.

Last half term it was all about the stitches at Hope & Gloria Sewing Clubs. The Hope & Gloria Team and I passed on our embroidery skills to our club members and I thought it would be fun to share a few more Easter themed stitched/embroidered projects that I have made that could be made at home using these new found skills.....

Bunnies are always a favourite motif to use in projects at this time of the year - after all, it's only a few days until the Easter Bunny pays a visit to homes across the land! Here are a couple of my vintage inspired bunny decorations. I'll be hanging a few of these on a twig tree at the weekend to decorate our home.

They are very simple to make - just cut out two rabbit shapes in white felt and get doodling with thread on the front of one to add pretty floral patterns in lovely spring colours. The flowers on my bunny are made using a simple star stitch with a contrasting coloured stitch in the middle. Add a stitched eye and a bow then sew around the two edges adding a small amount of stuffing. Sew a loop through the top and they are ready to hang.

This stitched Easter Egg picture is a great way to showcase embroidery skills.

I have used six small egg shapes to decorate using different stitches, but one large Easter Egg with oodles of brightly stitched patterns would work just as well. I stitched the eggs during our sewing club sessions last half term - every time I was asked to demonstrate a new stitch by our club members I used a felt egg shape to do so. It seemed a shame to not use them once the term was over, so this is what I chose to make with them! It's a fabulous way to show off your embroidery skills and also makes a lovely piece of art to hang on the wall every Easter. Why not give it a go?

Finally, why not take a look at this post from the Hope & Gloria Blog archive? Doodling With Thread It's an Easter themed post that I wrote a coupe of years ago and you can find inspiration for making lovely egg decorations like these....

We've still got a few days until the Easter weekend, so why not get your needle at the ready and get stitching? Doodling with thread can be sew much fun! Enjoy!

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