Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children

Hope & Gloria - Sewing Inspiration for Children
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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reverse Applique - Floral Fabric EAster Egg - Tutorial Number 3

So school is now out for Easter and I have three very excited Easter Bunnies in my home - looking forward to just over two weeks of relaxation, playing with friends as well as numerous days out and visits to and from family and friends and of course the inevitable tonnes of chocolate!

It's two weeks until the big day - time enough to get busy with your needle and make the next in my series of floral fabric Easter Egg designs. This week's technique is reverse applique. It's a really lovely way to bring a touch of colour and pattern to the basic egg design and gives a lovely vintage feel. Here's how to make one:

Step one:

Cut two basic eggs shapes as in tutorial number one. On one of the egg shapes draw and cut out a simple five petal flower shape.

Step two:

Choose a scrap of pretty floral fabric that will cover and slightly overlap the edges of the cut out flower shape. Pin in to place on the back of the felt egg shape and sew around the edge of the flower shape using back-stitch to secure the patterned fabric in to place.

Step three:

Sew one or two buttons on to the centre of the flower shape. Pin the second felt egg shape on to the back and and sew around the edges using blanket stitch or over stitch. Leave a small gap and add a small amount of stuffing to give it depth and then sew up the remaining gap.

Your third felt egg is now complete. The final floral fabric egg tutorial egg will follow next week. In the meantime Happy Easter Hols!

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